🍸Customized Drinking Glass

Etched using Dremel Tool with diamond Bit

This was difficult to photograph

The ‘Cuba Libras’ turned out OK though🍸

dremel drinkdremel drink1dremel drink3

More etching 👉  Here

One thought on “🍸Customized Drinking Glass

  1. Washe, Hey, nice. It makes the wine or whatever beverage all that more special. A suggestion going forward. Put up a piece of black velvet or something similar as a background. The if you have some kind of “directional light” (flash, led or even a table lamp) put it to the side. between the light and the glass to be photographed put a small translucent piece of cloth. A photo diffuser would be best (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/67001-REG/Westcott_1860_Fabric_ONLY_for_Scrim.html ……you could build your own frame). If you use a camera flash (off camera) set it to wide angle. What happens is that the light will cover the entire glass, the black backdrop will make the etchings stand out on the glass or whatever other objects you want to photograph. After doing it a couple times you will see it is easy to do and will be pleased with the results.

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