Happy Pi day π

22 tera channels on 22 trillion frequencies is a yotta+ of mobile devices 100²³+++

the world population is only 700+ billion

that is a lot of snoop devices going on

via Celebrate pi day with 9 trillion more digits than ever before | New Scientist

More digits found

David Parker/SPL/Getty

This pi day, we can write down more digits of the famous irrational number than ever before. An extra 9 trillion digits after the decimal point have been discovered, smashing the previous world record set back in 2013.

In November, after 105 days of round the clock computation, pi enthusiast Peter Trueb’s computer finally calculated 22,459,157,718,361 fully verified digits of pi. “I was really surprised that it worked so smoothly, I was so happy,” says Trueb, who is an R&D scientist by day.

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