Muskrat House ❔

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At the end of the growing season I knock the Canna Lily stalks down and use them for ground cover to protect their rhizomes from the winter. Plus the pods open & drop the seeds into the bed. In the spring they are moved to the curb for city pick-up. Two years ago I think there was a possum in there by the time the city finally got here to scoop it up.  ❕

canna pile 24feb2017

The night before Cannas are chopped down ☢

Negatives 1_26

Washe Kat luvs the Cannas 🐱

Knee high by the 4th of July? I guess !





Mr & Mrs Acorn

The internet went down this AM so

I walked down the hill to the Oak Tree !

~drilled 4 holes with the Dremel

~cut up a pipe cleaner

~ slipped on some beads

~ glued to a base

A long time ago for the feet & hands I would have used ‘Sealing Wax’, but when they disbanded the Pony Express, sealing wax is hard to find any more plus it is expensive !


½ hour later internet is back on !