Mountain Home National Cemetery 🇺🇸

I took my camera for a walk at Sunrise this morning

pDecoration Day 2017 (4)pDecoration Day 2017 (7)pDecoration Day 2017 (8)pDecoration Day 2017 (10)pDecoration Day 2017 (12)

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Johnson City, Tennessee Veterans Memorial

pDecoration Day 2017 (17)

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Boring Bee Live Trap

Kinda like a bird house with ⅜” holes on each side

with ‘Daylight’ on the bottom and a hard way out!


You can see my caulking on the eaves from trying to fill in the holes,

my land lord won’t install fascia & soffit !

Am getting tired of saw dust dropping on my back porch projects!


#garden #💐

They just started popping this week in N.E.Tennessee ❕

They are as large as paper plates😉


🎶 Sugar Magnolia, Blossoms Blooming…

& Lemon Day Lilies too…

fl24may14 028

Here is a magolia cone, I have some strung around my porch!



Mouse Wrist Pad

Mouse Pad 001

If the World gives Ya lemons ya make Lemon Ade Sooo I inflated a rubber glove just rite to fit in a shaver bag ! Mr. Wallmart You can keep that $21.99 ‘gel’ filled wrist pad !   Yippy kaye……….

Mouse Pad 003