My Kite Collection

Featured image is an eight foot Box Delta.

In 1986, while living in Park City, Utah, my father gave me 100 yards of assorted Rip-Stop Sail Cloth. I had just finished refurbishing a 1950’s Singer, acquired while ‘dumpster diving’, so I became a Kite Maker. (If Nature gives ya lemons ya make lemon-aide rightโ•


Decoration Day 2017 (21)
Ole Glory ~Eight foot Delta

My Kites (4)

โ†‘โ†“ Compound Box Kite ~Eight foot nose to tail with 4 ft wing spans.

I call it my ‘Dragon Kite’ !

My Kites (4)

Over the next five years I had made at least a hundred kites (wish I had intelligible photos to share). While flying my pride & joy’s folks would stop by to watch and even purchase a ‘cottage made’ (no two alike) kite or two. Who buys a kite in the middle of a flying field and doesn’t want to fly it? So then I started mail ordering string and winders toย  offer customersโ•

Store Purchased

kite 6facet-crop
Faceted ~32 inch
My Kites (1)
Hawaiian Spinoff ~Eight foot stunter
My Kites (3)
Hawaiian Spinoff ยพ ~Six foot stunter

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My Kites (2)
Eight foot Box Delta

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