Myth vs. Fact – Setting the Record Straight On Chairman Pai’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order Document Type: Fact Sheet

Myth vs. Fact
Setting the Record Straight on Chairman Pai’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order
MYTH: This is the end of the Internet as we know it.
? FACT: The Internet was free and open before the Obama Administration’s 2015 heavy-handed
Title II Internet regulations, and it will be free and open after they are repealed.
MYTH: Startups will not be able to compete without Title II regulations.
? FACT: Entrepreneurs starting new businesses online thrived long before Title II regulations, and
they will continue to flourish with more opportunities to innovate once those regulations are
repealed. Indeed, companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter all started and
experienced tremendous growth under the previous light-touch rules.
MYTH: Internet service providers will block you from visiting the websites you want to visit.
? FACT: Internet service providers didn’t block websites before the Obama Administration’s
heavy-handed 2015 Internet regulations and won’t after they…

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On This Day

👉1701 – Anders Celsius was born in Sweden. He was the inventor of the Celsius thermometer.

👉1934 – The U.S. bank robber George “Baby Face” Nelson was killed by FBI agents near Barrington, IL.

👉1980 – Dave Williams (Chicago Bears) became the first player in NFL history to return a kick for touchdown in overtime.


Braided Lanyard


lanyard compass

 This is a fun book 📖

Whether you want to learn some loops or practice plaits, this guide reveals everything you need to know about knot tying. With clear instructions and step-by-step photographs, you can be sure that you will select the correct type of rope. From fishing to camping, sailing to mountaineering, this handy guide will show you which knot to use.

Traditional Thanksgiving meal 🦃

On a 20% disability pension from the Veterans Administration

Some Years I splurge and pick up a can of cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes ❗️

Traditional Thanksgiving (2)

One year I even hung out behind the bakery, next to the vent fan, sniffing the pumpkin pie ❗️