xmas gifts ⁉️

received a good ‘Best of Rock’ CD

and an ‘Air Guitar’ ⁉️

Air Guitar

I myself don’t play, plus it is taking up space in my printer’s corner of the room !

so will sacrifice, make offer ❗️


Hat Band

 Beading with a loom is time consuming but the finished project’s are well worth the effort.


Hat Band

I suppose I could have brushed this off before taking photo, only ever wear it in the rain, which does the cleaning, trouble is I don’t go out in the rain anymore without an umbrella.

       Bead Loom

x23feb14 009


Beadwork: https://washekoda.com/category/diy-crafts/beadwork-diy/

Oxalis Triangularis

‘Purple Shamrocks’ New Life for the New Year

With the daylight getting longer now I separated the root clumps & transplanted.

These were just three tiny ‘pips’ (¾” long) when first potted May 2017!

PS pips (1)

These are displayed on 6″ plates!

PS pips (2)-cropPS pips (4)

They will come back more uniform for 2018!

PS2nov17 (1)

🎅 Santa Rides 🎅


Track Santa at NORAD https://www.noradsanta.org/

The North American Aerospace Defense Command is celebrating the 62nd anniversary of tracking Santa’s yuletide journey.

Santa Rides-crop

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