Tuesday night ‘smokers’ pool shooting is canceled

OK the ashtrays & snuffers are gone the ‘Zippo’ is disassembled and on the shelf with the other collector zippos. New battery in the smoke detector, and VA meds are on the way.

I should have quit 50 yrs ago. The Marlborough Man has really screwed up my life AND the WORLD

Those phone solicitors and bible thumpers at the door thought I was mean beforeJust wait I bet I get really mean for a while too bad for them I all ready have a ‘salty’ sailor vocabulary 🙉

zippo burn


One thought on “Tuesday night ‘smokers’ pool shooting is canceled

  1. Best wishes for success. I quit cold turkey – dozens of times!

    I finally succeeded when I told myself I was still a smoker, that I could have a cigarette any time I wanted one, just that I currently (then) chose not to have one.

    I smoked last on December 1, 1998 at 3AM and still haven’t wanted that next cigarette necessary to resume smoking. Odd how just telling myself I wasn’t quitting, just postponing my next cigarette made all the difference for me after all the failed efforts to quit.

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