🐱 Happy two fur Tuesday 🐱

#🐱 #cats

TFT 24jul18 page

Original Image ⤵️

TFT 24jul18
I tought I heard a tweedy bird ❗️Which way did he go, Which way did he go


 ⚙  All ‘H̲a̲p̲p̲y̲ ̲2̲ ̲f̲u̲r̲ ̲T̲u̲e̲s̲d̲a̲y̲’  images are processed using free ‘PhotoScape‘ mirror imaging & multi image ‘page’ designer

View 100+ ‘Two fur Tuesdays’ on Flickr 👉  https://www.flickr.com/photos/washekoda/albums/72157641490895215 

Featuring ✨ Washe Koda Iktomi Sha Kon O Hey {Cat friend trickster from the land of blue smoke¹}

¹Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

🎶  Rocky Top with lyrics


3 thoughts on “🐱 Happy two fur Tuesday 🐱

    • I like all your photos but very seldom √ on the ‘like button’ whilst I don’t want you to think I enjoy your writting’s, it is way over my head & I have no time for such. However If your mussing’s were about ‘transistor (semiconductor) theory’ or ‘heliophysics’ or similar, I would be captivated and add time to the already to short 24hr day 😉 You Have a Great Day too 🙂

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