Mountain Home National Cemetery 🇺🇸

I took my camera for a walk at Sunrise this morning

pDecoration Day 2017 (4)

Taps :

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Johnson City, Tennessee Veterans Memorial

pDecoration Day 2017 (17)

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A little slide show❕

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Bird Cage Feeder

#cats #🐱

Fine Dinning

feral cat free!

bird cage watch (2)

Titmice, Chickadees, Finches, sometimes the Wrens

bird cage feeder
Hey If a Chickadee can trust a Wãshē cat ❓


Bird Feeder

The Cardinals, Thrush, Jays, Flickers, Cat & Cow birds, Mocking bird… they are all out back waiting for the berry season to coincide with ‘sheets on clothsline’ day ❗️❗️

still got purple striped sheets from years past❗️

🐱 Happy two fur Tuesday 🐱

#🐱 #cats                                       cinco+cinco+cinco de mayo !!!



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Featuring ✨ Washe Koda Iktomi Sha Kon O Hey {Cat friend trickster from the land of blue smoke¹}

¹Smoky Mountains, Tennessee