I might not ski ⛷ any more but using my tri-pod I can still capture first trax ❗️


first trax 003

The Birdies sure like the feeder during a blizzard

birdies 003
This ‘crested’ Titmouse got it’s tail plucked by a feral cat lists left & right when it flies Whilst the ‘bird cage’ feeder protects them 😉
Chickadee at the ‘bird cage’ feeder

It only costs less then $10 chuckies a year for ‘black oil’ sunflower seeds to keep all of  Wãshē Kōdä kats 🐱 friends happy & if some of them germinate in the canna lily bed that is cool whilst gold finches here in E.Tennessee luv sunflowers 🌻

🇺🇸 Election Day November 6th 🇺🇸

{Washe Cats human}

T_unclesam_Me vote sharp

This was made from an ‘add your own photo’ at an old 5yr .gov web site. I can not get it to work anymore ❓https://www.census.gov/1940census/sam/index.html

Vote Tuesday 🇺🇸
almost 65yrs old & 20% disabled & can’t vote by mail or e.mail in Tennessee {wtf}
Voting has really gone down hill in the last 46 yrs of elections that I have participated in.
Long lines, old slow people running the poles, filthy desecrated voting machines
(CA MN UT IA TN) that I know of “IT IS RIGGED” ‘clean the swamp❗️‘ Why are the laws & ordences not enforced by the FTC,FCC,EPA…. 🇺🇸



Down Pillow 💤

My 45 yr old homemade 5# goose down pillow needs to be shot again & dumped in a hunting-pit back in Saskatchewan Detiorating and uncleanable {$75 for cleaning and new ticking} New 80/20% down goes for $60 a pound 300 chuckies is cheaper then another hunting trip to Canada though NO WONDER I don’t get enough rest, sleeping on lumpy dead water fowl I guess it’s time to call that Minnesota company, $130 chuckies, for 2 king size & 2 travel pillows (code- TV67) OUCH I wonder where in MN they get ‘bamboo fiber mypillow.com

Tuesday night ‘smokers’ pool shooting is canceled

OK the ashtrays & snuffers are gone the ‘Zippo’ is disassembled and on the shelf with the other collector zippos. New battery in the smoke detector, and VA meds are on the way.

I should have quit 50 yrs ago. The Marlborough Man has really screwed up my life AND the WORLD

Those phone solicitors and bible thumpers at the door thought I was mean beforeJust wait I bet I get really mean for a while too bad for them I all ready have a ‘salty’ sailor vocabulary 🙉

zippo burn


WHERES the shake

Wheres the shake

The fillet still tasted like a rubber fishing lure covered with cheese & smeared with tarter sauce. The double beef patty ‘big mac’, with special sauce, is now smaller then a hockey puck. And ya have to beg for ketchup for the skimpy order of fries.