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 Saved $5 from cost at wally world + $26 cab fare FedEx delivery from (31lb & 52lb boxes) Washe cat will be eating & crapping good for three months The birds are set with sunflower seeds for two yrs Big 16oz ‘Temptations’ surfers blend kitty cookies too Someones gonna pretend they luv me for a while

Washe storage (100)

The Cat in Black with a Red Vest 🐱

Washe Kat slideshow
The Cat In Black With A Red Vest
DS2 with Moppletron VST edited with VideoPad
filmed with Fuji FinePix AX655 HD 1280 16:9
by Wåshé Ködä©2015


The Cat in Black with a Red Vest from Wåshé Kõdä on Vimeo.


Turn Up the Mike 1024


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Washe Kat’s kostume 🎃

Washe halloween tie

The elusive ‘Saber Toothed Winky Dinky’ from the hills of Tennessee

Winky Dinky