Music”the ‘Big Boy Toys'” attempt?


Create more music record and produce with Reason Propellerhead

Way to much packaging ! 🇺🇸


I’ve been amazed with electronics for 64yrs

Media for Windows

I typed out example on ‘Note Pad’ then opened up ‘Ease of Access’ and made a recording of the ‘Electronic’ voiced narrator  reading it back to me. Then had to convert to a .wav file.

Feel free to copy and use these for whatever.

Got Mail


Popup Blocked



Startup is Complete




Windows is Connected



Windows is shutting Down




⚠ “Warning” ‘gong’ button not installed yet, remove all fish from the room ⚠CAUTION: Listening to this could cause an epileptic seizure !!!

Made with Dream Station 2 with ‘Moppletron’ plug-in

by Washe Koda©2017