Waiting for Summer

I put the Oxalis Triangularis on the front porch in the mornings, The Canna’s are in ‘1+ inch a day’ growth mode.

Purple 23may18
Purple Shamrocks

porch 23may18

Washe kat still gets daily visits from Nutz (the squirrel) & her pup

Washe storage (118)

Washe storage (119)
This ain’t ‘bat man’ 😉

Canna Lilies 2017

 Cannas Lilies in N.E.Tennessee

Canna Lilies 2017 (4)

There were two plants (near corner column) when I moved here ten years ago!

Canna Lilies 2017 (3)

Out of over 100 collected seeds, in October, I could only get a couple dozen to germinate in damp paper towels before rooting with potting soil in egg cartons.

Come mid December transferred the seedlings to upstairs neighbors discarded gal. milk jugs (cut tops off)

Canna Lilies 2017 (1)

Got them in the ground in April.  The next year I was able to break up the clumps (split rhizomes)

Canna Lilies (30)

Now I almost have Cannas coming out of my ears 😉 all around the house!

Cannas 20jun17 (3)

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