Canna Lilies 2017

 Cannas Lilies in N.E.Tennessee

Canna Lilies 2017 (4)

There were two plants (near corner column) when I moved here ten years ago!

Canna Lilies 2017 (3)

Out of over 100 collected seeds, in October, I could only get a couple dozen to germinate in damp paper towels before rooting with potting soil in egg cartons.

Come mid December transferred the seedlings to upstairs neighbors discarded gal. milk jugs (cut tops off)

Canna Lilies 2017 (1)

Got them in the ground in April.  The next year I was able to break up the clumps (split rhizomes)

Canna Lilies (30)

Now I almost have Cannas coming out of my ears 😉 all around the house!

Cannas 20jun17 (3)

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I am making Oxygen through photosynthesis ❕



canna lily slideshow

I like my N.E.Tennessee Canna Lilies there was 1 off the corner of the front porch when I moved here from Iowa 10 yrs ago, I have propagated them to cover the front & back of my house under the roof run off (they like rain)


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1 inch per day

Got my Canna Lilies clocked at 1 inch per day for the past three weeks. They usually don’t start taking off till Mayday. Could end up with 12 footers this season, my record is 10½ feet tall ❕


27aug15 002
Last years !

I laid the ‘Cannas’ down in December

Now I have to rake the ground cover up ❗️


In 2015 I did not cover my crop & lost 50% due to frost {freeze} kill ❗️

They are sure worth the Work come July ❗️

canna height aug14