With the days getting shorter Wãshē cat is spending more time behind the shower curtain 🛁

shower_WK 003

⚠️ He don’t want a bath, water running spooks him

He misses his old scratcher shower curtain

‘Cat Bird’ seat🐱



I told you I don’t want no ‘cat nip’ toy birdie 🐦

We got the real thing right here 🐱


After flopping that toy on his head Washe cat froze to watch the titmouse,chickadee; & cardinal  🐦 in the front feeder 🐱


That shadow in the window is not ‘batman’ 🦇

🐱Happy two fur Tuesday🐱

🎃💀🧛😈👹👻👺🎃💀🧛😈 👹👻👺🎃💀🧛😈 👹👻👺🎃💀🧛😈 👹👻 👺🎃💀🧛😈👹👻👺 🎃   Trick or Treat ❕🎃  🎃💀🧛😈👹👻👺🎃💀🧛😈 👹👻👺🎃💀🧛😈 👹👻👺🎃💀🧛😈 👹👻 👺🎃💀🧛😈👹👻👺   View 100+ ‘Two fur Tuesdays’ on Flickr 👉  Featuring ✨ Washe Koda Iktomi Sha Kon O Hey {Cat friend trickster from the land of blue smoke¹} ¹Smoky Mountains, Tennessee And of  by request 🎶 Rocky Top

🐱 Happy Cat🐱

12 yr old Wash cat photo collage Washe storage (30)

Dave_Washe Kat portrait orig lg
painting by my brother



Washe storage (59)
Ole Red in the sun

Washe storage (55)I

Washe storage (66)
 I saw a birdie  🐦

Washe storage (40)
If you pet my tummy I will filet your arm 🚫
Washe storage (3)
Washe Koda plays the blues on the keys🎶🎶

Washe & the Cardinal video