Cable Tags

I should not partake in smoking in the morning !!!


Been making cable labels all day for three computers & AV equipment

While waiting for new ‘Sound Production’ software to install I got most all my cables labeled !


Bag of 50 small cable ties from $General & plastic cards from junk mail

Mouse Wrist Pad

Mouse Pad 001

If the World gives Ya lemons ya make Lemon Ade Sooo I inflated a rubber glove just rite to fit in a shaver bag ! Mr. Wallmart You can keep that $21.99 ‘gel’ filled wrist pad !   Yippy kaye……….

Mouse Pad 003

Robotics keeping time to music

Animusic HD – Resonant Chamber (1080p)


I view at 720pHD !

All rights reserved to Animusic, LLC.

Animusic is an American company specializing in the 3D visualization of MIDI-based music.|

Beep ?

Personal Computer WåshéKödä.com That was fun !  ♠ I was getting a beep alert every few minutes this morning so ran a diagnostics, everything check OK. I unplugged the CPU & still beeps. I pulled the fans, hard drive, & power supply still beeps. Blew everything off with my air tank even removed & replaced battery still beeped.


I changed the battery in the SMOKE DETECTOR on the wall above the desk now I am back on line.

Tri screen

Here’s my sign

Heres your Sign

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