Malicious Facebook

Why dose FB slam me with 780MB of persistent cookies (only manually removable) & every other web site I log into only stores 64KB (standard)

All other temporary files are removed when ya close the browser!

Sure will miss some friends that have left FB!

{The ones that share family picnics and holidays and such} NOT the ones that share every tom dick and harry post they  come across.

I am removing all ‘Face Book’ pages and links from this Website.

Twitter might be next!

‘WordPress’ blog is malicious and sucks a lot worse! But this is where my website sponsor is, but that might soon be changing.

WTF happened to our internet web? 😢😢  😢


Facebook is getting worse!

via: Carny Winter

There is No rhyme or reason to Newsfeed on FaceBook any more. ‘Top Stories’ , ‘Most Recent’ ,or ‘Friends Feed’ options DO NOT work!
At least using ‘F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity’ it can be organized and is 75% more usable.
It is getting old hat having to go to each one of my friends individual site to see what is going on with them, there is only 24hrs in a day!
Top image is regular FB , Bottom image is filtered with FB Purity. Both ‘Top Stories’ 3 days old vs. 9 minutes ago!!!!!