I might not ski ⛷ any more but using my tri-pod I can still capture first trax ❗️


first trax 003

The Birdies sure like the feeder during a blizzard

birdies 003
This ‘crested’ Titmouse got it’s tail plucked by a feral cat lists left & right when it flies Whilst the ‘bird cage’ feeder protects them 😉
Chickadee at the ‘bird cage’ feeder

It only costs less then $10 chuckies a year for ‘black oil’ sunflower seeds to keep all of  Wãshē Kōdä kats 🐱 friends happy & if some of them germinate in the canna lily bed that is cool whilst gold finches here in E.Tennessee luv sunflowers 🌻

Oxalis Triangularis

‘Purple Shamrocks’ New Life for the New Year

Starting to look shabby

With the daylight getting shorter now I separated the root clumps & transplanted.

These were just three tiny ‘pips’ (¾” long) when first potted May 2017!

PS pips (1)

These are displayed on 6″ plates!

PS pips (2)-cropPS pips (4)

They will come back more uniform for 2019!

PS2nov17 (1)
Middle of summer


☔️Rain Rain go away… 💦

I haven’t even lit my citronella bucket (bug) candle yet this yr. The skeeters all drowned in June and water bugs have not evolved in E. Tennessee yet. Rainiest summer since I moved here 11 yrs ago. Think I could have planted water lilies in my one bed where the Day lilies were (they drowned too)

Canna Lilies (40)
Canna Lilies
Canna Lilies (47)
Canna Lily Bloom
Hybrid Daylily
Hosta bloom