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Portrait Painting of  Wãshē Kat 😉

Dave_Washe Kat portrait 1280x992

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⚠⚠ Canna Lily Prints

rerun from 27 Apr 2016

⚠⚠ Wash garments before wearing 

best if worn as a jersey

Spray Paint a Canna lily & slap it on fabric

Spray leaf with a couple colors of paint

Canna Lily T’s

⚠ note : place something inside of shirt so it don’t soak through to the other side !

Quickly place on fabric (green side up) laying top to stem & press with hand evenly.

T shirts 5aug15 003

Peel leaf off slowly

T shirts 5aug15 004

T shirts 5aug15 007

T shirts 5aug15 006T shirt 30jul15 007T shirt 30jul15 005T shirt 30jul15 008

Kinda looks like a feather !

Wall hanger



Old saw blade using old model paint

Repurposed Saw Blade


My Wood Workers starry night

Orion’s Belt, Ursa Major & minor (Big & little Dipper) & a few others are on here, as best to my limited ability anyway ;-).

One thing fun about these is there are two sides ! You can turn them around for different seasons or moods. Or hang as a mobile with the smaller outer hole.