😢 Radio Shack closing

My #1 go to store Nationwide for electronics > ®Tandy (leather from TX) took over Allied Radio in the 60’s. (went to the one south of ‘Columbia Arena’ {near Burger King})
I wish I would have saved all those yearly catalogs. I remember going from the ‘Cats Whisker’ crystal Radio Tuner to the >6-Transister then >Hi-Fi >Stereo Hi-Fi {pre boom box} then to the >IC controlled digital multiplex sequencer satellite RADIO.
Now it was >AM\FM RADIO {& everyone knew it was the state-of-the art}
3yrs electronics in High Skool I was forever going to “RADIO SHACK”
Had to watch em though they were always trying to sell Ya stuff that needed BATTERIES {batteries not included, some assembly required}