‘Cat Bird’ seat🐱



I told you I don’t want no ‘cat nip’ toy birdie 🐦

We got the real thing right here 🐱


After flopping that toy on his head Washe cat froze to watch the titmouse,chickadee; & cardinal  🐦 in the front feeder 🐱


That shadow in the window is not ‘batman’ 🦇

My cat friend 🐱

Home Sweet Home
My good kitty kat
Washe Koda iktomi sha kon o hey {Cat friend trickster from the land of blue smoke¹}
¹Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

He don’t like much like me but he enjoys getting scratched under the chin & Eating dolphin with his Tuna

WasheKoda 15Aug18 (2)WasheKoda 15Aug18 (4)

Rock top  🎶

Foggy Mountain Breakdown 🎶