The Cat in Black with a Red Vest 🐱

Washe Kat slideshow
The Cat In Black With A Red Vest
DS2 with Moppletron VST edited with VideoPad
filmed with Fuji FinePix AX655 HD 1280 16:9
by Wåshé Ködä©2015


The Cat in Black with a Red Vest from Wåshé Kõdä on Vimeo.


Turn Up the Mike 1024

🎉 Fourth of JULY 🎉

Independence Day

4th of July of 2015

<p><a href=”″>4th 2015 ScienceHill</a> from <a href=””>W&aring;sh&eacute; K&otilde;d&auml;</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

“squeek” mouse


Squeek Mouse from Wåshé Kõdä on Vimeo.

SqueekMouse GIF


He stick handles in He shoots…it’s deflected off Kat’s tail…What a Save..what a save and Washe clears the mouse from the zone❕

© Wãshē Kōdä 2016

washe kat & squirrel


In case ya missed this the first time.

To bad #wordpress don’t publish #videos I have to go through VIMEO or YOU-TUBE for them to show up here.



Washe squirrel II 

Washe squirrel II from Wåshé Kõdä on Vimeo.