And here I thought it was just global warming !


With all the warm weather my window AC has been having a harder & harder time keeping up here in Tennessee. I started thinking it’s not all that much warmer then other years.

So I pulled off the front cover & gosh it was nasty inside  (I do clean the filter every couple weeks but it is never really dirty) !

  • pulled off & cleaned the front cover almost like new (it’s 10 yrs old)
  • peeled off the goo from and cleaned the evaporator coil
  • took the air tank outside and blew out & cleaned the condenser coil
  • while out there I carefully drilled a drain hole in the bottom of the housing. (going to plant a Hosta below there)
  • put it all back together & cranked it up before going grocery shopping
  • upon returning home I had to adjust the thermostat and put on a jacket !!!

Now I think I’ve got lint in one of my mice  🐭


Have a nice day 🙂